About me
An university-age chap in a very colourful room

Hiya! My name is Raresh (also written as Rareș). I'm working towards a Bachelor of Engineering at Victora University of Wellington in well... Wellington.

I'm interested in various curious things, like technology (mostly making stuff myself), photos, design, language and the odd thing.

Get in touch

Online, I refer to myself under the monicker of thegreatrazz. As with most people of my age, I'm on Twitter.

About this website

This website is written in plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Hosted on a $5/month DigitalOcean droplet.

I aim for it to be compatible with modern web standards available in mainstream Firefox and Chrome builds. Older web browsers can have the pleasure of reading the now defunct text version.

The website code (and configuration files I'm comfortable sharing) are on GitHub for your enjoyment.