Software Projects

You could say this is my portfolio of sorts.


This website The hub of projects, ideas and things Slidey A simple slideshow solution written in pure JavaScript and CSS A Material Design-inspired theme for websites html_merge Merges HTML files, compiles super-types and avoids dealing with Jekyll. (for me at least) Beetroot A music sorter and web interface that roots through your beats so you don't have to 2TCD Website (Blog Engine) A website I made for Level 2 Digital Tech A website that servers no purpose except than to make some people laugh or be confused. It's a can spinning on the screen. Raresh's Experimental COSMOS Operating System Notify.js Notification that appears inside the webpage Scratch Games for the Quizmaster Board Some apps for the Victoria University of Wellington Quizmaster Board (Genuino-based) Camera Photo Dumper One-click photo dumper Lee (lolo.vbs) 'Lee' is a joke program that mysteriosly types a message to the user and restarts the computer